divendres, 12 de gener de 2018

Made For You! Practising Passives in 4th ESO

The second term has started and pictured here are 4th ESO practising passive structures in unit 4 of their coursebook, Advanced English in Use. They do some exercises in class orally, instead of writing them in their notebooks. As a result, the teacher can evaluate both their spoken and written English, whilst still covering a grammar theme. 
As the saying goes: Practise makes perfect!

dilluns, 18 de desembre de 2017

Christmas Festival 2017

Pictured here are one of the main acts from this year's Christmas festival, which was held on Thursday 14th December. As always, the event was very well attended and was very entertaining, helped along by a few technical hitches!
The CD of all the songs from the play is available from reception in Montclar Mestral. It also includes one which is sung by the teachers!

dimarts, 5 de desembre de 2017

1st ESO prepare for the end of term!

Pictured here are 1st ESO working together on the contents of Unit 3 of Advanced English in Use, a higher level coursebook which we use in Montclar-Mestral, designed to make them use their abilities to the full.
To improve our linguistic skills we must always be prepared to take risks by using new vocabulary and structures! 

dimecres, 22 de novembre de 2017

Visit to the Danone factory!

On 17th November, all students from Mestral went on their termly day out. Pictured here are the boys from 4th Primary as they are about to enter the Danone factory in Parets del Vallès. The boys were given the tour, designed their own yoghurt carton, and took part in a competition.
They learnt about the history of the company and about yoghurt making, before being given a selection of products to take home!

divendres, 10 de novembre de 2017

8th November

Pictured here are 2nd ESO, hard at work, preparing their writing task for Friday's test. They are working on 'narratives' at the moment. They will have to describe an incident using past tenses, new vocabulary from the Unit 2, and connectors of sequence in a 3-paragraph essay. 
The current unit is called 'Crime', which, as they know, has a different meaning to what people imagine. They have also been learning about the need to use new vocabulary in order to improve their level of English, rather than continuing to use basic words and expressions.  

dimecres, 25 d’octubre de 2017

Cambridge awards ceremony 2017!

On Tuesday 24th October, pupils from Montclar-Mestral were awarded certificates from the University of Cambridge, which show that they have a recognised level of English, in line with the Common European Framework.
The award ceremony was presented by Tom Wogan, whose job involves producing and administering the external exams. Tom talked about the importance of having a qualification of this type for university entry and for future employment.
Some special mentions were made, including Alex Rubio, now in 1st Batxillerat, who scored 187 out of 190 points at B2 level (First Certificate), achieving the maximum mark in the categories of Speaking, Writing and Use of English!

dimecres, 18 d’octubre de 2017

The Oxford Test of English - The future of testing language skills

On 17th October, English teachers from Montclar-Mestral attended a presentation given by Oxford University Press about  a new and approved way of assessing foreign language skills.
It is an online examination for levels A2, B1, B2 (KET, PET, FCE) which can be taken at any time. It has some advantages over other ways of testing, and we are looking to implement it in our school as an alternative to the methods which we have used so far.
Pictured here is Simon Ferdinand, the Assesment Product Manager talking to the minister of Education of the Generalitat.
More details will follow when we are ready to present the Oxford Test of English to the families and students of Montclar- Mestral.