divendres, 13 d’abril de 2018

Rain, rain go away..

1st ESO have been contributing to our school allotment in their Technology lessons with Sr. Pérez. Pictured here is a watering system designed by Marc Pérez and Alex Alonso . It features a wooden support and an old bicycle wheel with a plastic water bottle which acts as a slow-drip irrigation system - not that much irrigation has been needed recently with the amout of rain we've had!
However, we do hope to see a few lettuces appearing before too long, if and when the sun comes out!

divendres, 6 d’abril de 2018

Personal attention

Being able to devote time and attention to our pupils is an essential of our educational ethos here at Montclar Mestral.
Sr Nieves is one of our newer members of staff. His duties include giving individual tutoring to students. He is pictured here with a primary student who is receiving help with pronunciation and reading comprehension.

dijous, 22 de març de 2018

1st Batxillerat writing! 'School is a waste of time!' An opinion essay..

Before the Easter holiday starts, 1st Batxillerat have been preparing their final class writing of the term on the theme of 'school and education', from Unit 6 of their coursebook Advanced English In Use.
Most assessed writing tasks are now prepared and then completed in class. As a result, we can ensure that the work is their own! 
The best way to improve writing skills is to have a teacher at hand, who can answer questions, give help and correct mistakes while the students are actually doing the preparation for the task!

diumenge, 18 de març de 2018

School Trip to Tarragona

1st and 2nd ESO visited Tarragona recently for their termly school trip. The day started in the Museum of Tarragona, followed by the Roman Circus and the Amphitheatre, where the boys found out from their tour guide Jezabel, how the Romans organised their society, and of course how the Romans had initially ended up in Tarragona and not Barcelona!

divendres, 2 de març de 2018

English Week. Friday 2nd March..

Our English Week in conjunction with Home To Home is reaching its end, after a series of intensive sessions based around the general theme of life in the UK. Pictured here are 5th Primary with their teacher, Sean, working on their project, 'Made in the UK'. They have researched and given presentations on topics such as famous buildings, traditions, cities, and sports!

dijous, 1 de març de 2018

English Week - Thursday 1st March

We are back on track today with our English Week 2018 after a snowy break yesterday!
Pictured here is Aleix from 4th Primary with his Home To Home teacher, in the middle of their project on Superheroes!  


dimarts, 27 de febrer de 2018

Day Two. A snowy Tuesday afternoon: Hieroglyphics!

2nd ESO are practising writing in hieroglyphics with Andrew this afternoon, while at the same time looking out of their window at the snow which is beginning to fall!
We'll have to wait and see how the weather progresses for tomorrow..