dijous, 30 de març de 2017

Let's play chess!

Pictured here are the boys from 2nd ESO, engrossed in another chess match.
In their Technology lessons with Mr. Martinez they have been designing and making their own chess boards, including one which lights up!
Chess, of course, is an intellectual and strategic game which we promote here in Mestral with the help of Mr Gimenez, who is an official chess referee.

divendres, 24 de març de 2017

How does your garden grow?

Thanks to the efforts of Mr Martinez, Mr Ortolà and Mr Burniol, we now have an allotment at the back of the school next to the dining room with peas, onions, carrots, lettuces and some decorative plants, which are all coming along very nicely. The garden has been extended this week with the help of the boys from primary, who are pictured here digging furrows and preparing the land for new plants. This, of course, is hard work! Nevertheless, it is a very enriching experience for all concerned.

dijous, 16 de març de 2017

1st ESO 1pm..

1pm continues to be our time for reading or Holy Mass. Pictured here are 1st ESO during one of our daily sessions between 1 and 1:30pm when students throughout the school have time for silent individual reading - a vital academic skill - which we believe will help to further their education in many ways! 

dilluns, 6 de març de 2017

The Present Perfect with for and since

We have now come to the end of the second Assessment and 2 ESO, pictured here, have been studying a very misunderstood and misused tense in English, the Present Perfect!
The boys have been trying to get to grips with it, while trying to avoid the typical mistakes that language learners make, such as 'How long are you here?' 'I am here since two days ago.'
Being able to use this tense well is one of the things which characterises good language learners. Of course, they need to understand the form, concept and use, which doesn't usually happen overnight. Like many things in life, it requires a great deal of time and effort!